About Cedaroak Design: Web and Graphic Design Services

About Cedaroak Design“From little acorns large oaks grow”.  CedarOak design is a company located in Worcester, MA that provides web site, graphic design, consulting and printing services to private organizations and small business.


At CedarOak design, we service a wide range of clients including; Business-to-Business companies, Business-to-Consumer companies, nonprofits, and professionals who want to promote their business, services and products on the Internet. We also provide service to other web and graphic design companies that need to subcontract specific aspects of their production.

At CedarOak, we believe that no idea is too small. Every idea has the potential to become a great promotion. We take your idea, which we liken to an acorn and take out the rough edges, polish it and dress it up, using over 15 years of design experience as well as modern design technology.

Like the many acorns that never make it to become the great oak, so are ideas that never get developed and remain buried in the mind. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life. Let us know what you want your idea to do for you, and we will put our design team to task and give your idea visibility. Yes, We give visual representation to your idea using the creation, selection, and organization of visual elements. The end product of this process is the creation of an effective communication.

We believe the design is not about us, it is about you the client, and it is about the community, the people at the receiving end. CedarOak design provides all you’ll need for creative marketing campaigns. We go beyond the basic; Logo design, Office stationary, which are all part of a larger Identity design, to providing more advanced solutions like interactive development, website design, database design and custom business application development.

Give us a call or visit us to find out how we can make your design ideas work for you.